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Perma Log is a unique, one of a kind, concrete log siding. The masonry logs are hand troweled onto new or old homes and last over 80 years.  Fire and rot resistant concrete log siding has many advantages. Unlike real logs, concrete log siding doesn’t rot, is not vulnerable to fungus, mold, water damage or damage from insects.  This could save the average log home owner up to $15,000 over 20 years, according to log restoration companies, since there is no need to preserve and reseal.

Serving Michigan Homeowners for over 80 Years

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Perma Log has a variety of looks that are created specifically for your home. The investment in Perma Log will last a lifetime. Many insurance companies offer lower rates to homeowners with concrete log siding. Additionally concrete log siding retains a higher resale value.

Textured Log

Hand Hewn Log


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Perma Log is a “rock solid” siding option. Each Perma Log is truly unique, since it is mixed on site and applied by hand. Our seamless application of Perma Log fully wraps and seals your home. The dead airspace created with the logs also adds insulation value to your home. Our concrete log siding adds strength and stability to your structure. There are no additional costs later, due to settling or shrinking, as with natural wood logs. We mainly work in northern Michigan. However, we have worked all over the state, both in the Upper Peninsula and lower Michigan, as well as Drummond Island and some jobs out of state.