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Perma Log ~ Concrete Log Siding

 “A rock solid siding option”

Perma Log has been proven to last a lifetime.  It adds strength and insulation value to your home, as well as long lasting real estate value.  All, with no maintenance and protects your home from woodpecker and porcupine damage! Perma Log can be applied to the exterior of any conventional built construction or pre-existing structure. We have many options to choose from in various colors, styles and textures.  All are mixed and applied right on your home.

Traditional Bark Texture

Our scratched log, bark texture is the original Perma Log texture.  The first home was done in 1935 and it retains its beauty & durability yet today.  Concrete in northern Michigan can sometimes be prone to hairline cracks. One advantage of the bark texture is its ability to hide small cracks.

Smooth or Peeled Log

Our Smooth Log is our newer log look.  The first ones were created nearly 20 years ago.  They look more similar to a peeled log yet need no stains to retain their color, as the dye is in the mix.  These masonry logs will give you a lifetime log look, which is durable & maintenance free.

Stone Look Stucco or other Textures

Our Stucco is made of the same masonry mix as our original Perma Log.  The Stucco will have the same long lasting durability as our original Perma Log.  The dye is in the mix, so no need for maintenance. Our Stone Look Stucco has straight or rounded shaped stones which are hand troweled for a truly unique look.  Stones are then “texturized” to set them apart from each other. We also have smooth and various other textures.


We cover existing chimneys in a tree trunk look chimney, or Stone Stucco look.  Our chimneys are made of the same long lasting concrete mixture that we use on the homes that we cover.

Benches, Stumps & Stepping Stones

Perma Log makes unique Log Benches that are very durable to sit outside in any weather. Our newest bench has a cast top & stone stucco legs. We also make a variety of Stumps & Stump Tables.  These are used as planters, to cover well pipes and make great outdoor tables that the wind won’t blow over. Our Stepping Stones look like “slices of logs.”  

More Products & Sculptures

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