History of Perma Log

Perma Log was created over 80 years ago by Wellington William Maier.  He was a plasterer in the Detroit area with his brother, Jake. They did both interior and exterior plastering, doing walls, ceilings, fireplaces and chimneys.  WW Maier liked log homes, but didn’t like the maintenance of them. So he created Perma Log siding on his home in Detroit on Saint Mary’s Road, in 1935. He liked coming up north, so began Perma Log here in Mio, MI.

History of Perma Log

First Perma Log created in 1935

Wellington William Maier & his brother were plasterers by trade. They did both interior and exterior work. In 1935 WW Maier created the first Perma Log on his home in Detroit, Mi.

WW Maier moved to Mio in the early 40’s and began masonry work of plastering and Perma Log.

Original Log Book began in 1947

He kept a Log book of Perma Log jobs beginning in 1947 and got a patent on the unique product.

He had training brochures printed and was ready to make a big business.

1950’s - 60’s

WW Maier’s two sons and son in-law helped run the business in the later 50's to early 60's.

William E Maier took the business over in the 60’s.

The Perma Log crew mudded many 100’s of Perma Log homes mostly in northern Michigan.

The crew also traveled around, sometimes even out of state.

There were times in the 70’s that Perma Log even had two work crews. The masonry log siding created by WW Maier was considered a historical site in Mio, along with the Shrine.

Perma Log was included in the Society of Architectural Historians, “Buildings of Michigan.”

3rd Generation Family Owned

WW Maier’s grandson began working Perma Log in the 70’s.

Wm. Maier Jr. headed up the crew in the later 80’s.

Bill always preferred the physical work of mudding, over the office end of the job.

Bill was an artist at heart. When Perma Log was slow, he created sculptures.

He worked on many Perma Log homes until 2016 when he officially retired.

Going on to a 4th Generation

In 2006 Tyler Layman began working for Perma Log.

He was well trained by Wm. Maier Jr. and had a strong interest in taking over the business for many years.

Tyler has been the Perma Log Foreman since 2016.